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Our Projects

We offer more than just virtual reality


Titan Descent

Phantom Realm is a multi-player free-roaming Virtual Reality action game that provides up to 6 players to cooperate and venture in a 300 square meters open space without those restrictions of wires and obstructs of VR setup. Our wearable devices enable the players to freely interact with the VR environment with minimum learning curves and maximum immersive gaming experience.


Phantom Realm VR playground provides users with the extended VR dimension by allowing players to actually step out of conventional methods of  VR gameplay. One small step forward in real life means one giant leap into the endless possibilities of the vast VR world, and we offer hundreds step more of the splendid wonderland. READ MORE...

Geelong Western Beach AR&VR Project

Working with the Geelong City’s Smart Cities team and Deakin University MInD Lab we use the latest AR&VR technology to help the historic western beach boat yard reserve reopen. READ MORE...

Copy of 捕获2.PNG

Warehouse Safety Training

Warehouse safety training is a VR training demo showed the potential hazards in a daily warehouse operation. It also provides a path for industry training that no method is even close to it. READ MORE...


We have a full package solution and various customized options for designing, marketing & developing. 


If you have any problem and interests, please contact us with no hesitation. You can also book an impressed demo session for free.  CONTACT US

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